Friday, August 31, 2012


Well, I'm back, after a three week-rush trip.

I have nothing to show you in the form of artistic ability.

 My mother is ill and doesn't have too much time left.  She is 90 years old.  Body-wise she is truly, very frail, but her brain is defunct with Alzheimers and Sun-downers.  She has no clue who was who and it's so sad to see.  My sister is her caregiver and she looks like she's aged 5 years from the last time I've seen her.  This is the life we follow down the path....some good....some not so good..  We all have to make decisions and hope we choose the right way to go.  You are born, you live, you age, get sick, and eventually die.  It's a matter of course.  So with this in mind I will show you a large reunion of family to honor my mother and all the family.

We even had the good fortune of spending time with DH's brother and his beloved
Clydesdale's.   A glimpse of life, a blink of the eye,  in a snapshot....

My son, who is a twin, in the white shirt and my cousin's DH.

Some of my cousins, not everyone is shown.  There's a bunch more!

Clockwise, my cousin, Robert, Timmy, who's head I cut off, sorry Timmy,  my Auntie Muriel, my daughter Rachel, and my Mum.

My Mum, and two daughters, Rachel (a twin to my son in the white shirt) and Susan, the eldest.

My brother-in-law in the green, more cousins, and my middle daughter Pamela in the forefront.

DH Jim and his sidekick, Max the wonder dog and his brother Chuck with one of his beautiful Clydesdales, on 40  acres of land.  Nice.

This is a hand-made carriage that the Clydesdale's pull.

And, finally, Max at his best at one of our motels we stopped at.  He even had time to sip on a beer.

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