Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Still A Wonderful Day

Hello, again! 

I'm obsessing.  

I can't leave it alone.  

Sunday dinner will be a little late today. 

I'm having too much fun!

Besides going online to Marilee Rockley's website, I did purchase her two books.  They are enchanting.  "Boutique Tatting" is just a beautiful book.  The book I'm using at the moment is "Tatted Jewelry" where you can find the earrings I'm working on - Carnival.  Both her books are very easy to read and there's plenty of special techniques. So, as I was working with the earrings, I turned the pages and found the "Lacy Treasure Pendent."  I just had to try it. Of course!

Had some Omega thread that was just hanging around so I gave it a try.

It's really cool how it's made.  There's room for some beads, but I thought I would just run through the directions.  I realized that it's upside down...drat...sorry.  But you can see that the loop holding the paperclip is not correct.  Somehow I got it attached to a wrong loop.  The loop is supposed to come out of the center and will hold a finding.  It also uses a ribbon to go around the neck, but I think I'm going to use split rings for mine.  Sooooo there's much more improvement to get it right.  This thread is a size 10.  I thought maybe I would go to a 5, but I'm not sure yet.  So between the earrings and the pendent I will continue to play.  DH is watching his golf channel which gives me an excuse to I said, dinner will be late :)

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  1. That looks beautiful! I wish I could do that, I shall put on my list of 'One Day I Shall Try....' Thanks for sharing!


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