Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hot Again

Dear Readers, well today was another very hot day. Nothing to show for today in the way of crafting,
sorry  :(

 We had our breakfast at 11:00 am and off we went out for the day (believe me, it was HOT)!

We previously made reservations to have  lunch at Cheddars with friends and it was lovely. It was nice talking to them and very relaxing.   By the time we got home, we were very tired, due to the heat and didn't really want to do anything more with the day.  LOL  We had our fill of onion rings, and chicken tenders, until we were bursting at the seams!

In between, I made a detour today to have all my hair cut off.  YIKES  They had a big fit at the salon, everyone came over to examine and/or pet my hair or stand there and make remarks on how long it was and couldn't believe I wanted it cut.

It was time.

At 65 years of age with a braid hanging down to my butt is not the impression I would like to have with anyone, any more. it went. I needed a change.  Drastic yes.  It either has to be very short or very long.   I have no patience in doing hair....wash and go with a short do or a long do that you can twist up.

She first washed and creamed, etc.  Then they all had a fit, again.  Really?  She then put my hair in a banding and off it went, several snips, it was done and placed in a baggy which was donated to JC Penny's for hair pieces and wigs for those women who need some help due to their cancers.

I was very happy to donate my hair for a good cause.  I never knew that my hair, which was  all wrapped up in a knot, was in ringlets.  I said goodbye and just went on.  I was told that Locks of Love only accepted a certain length of hair. WRONG, CHARL.  They accept any length at Penny's.

In the morning I'll probably get out of bed and have imagined this all. LOLOL Well, it's done and over with.  I can ditch the soft rollers and all that mess and just wash and

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening.

Until next time....

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