Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hello, readers.

After my finger fiasco, I thought I'd give my fingers a rest for a week.  So today I began cleaning out my craft room or messy room (it really needs it).  I know that it needs to be cleaned and weeded of "stuff" - I'm sure, dear readers, you have an area similar to mine?  I'm sure yours is not as bad as mine either.  I think I could go shopping in my room and it would take me all day to get out the door. Heh

It's amazing what you find when you start digging in boxes, plastic tubs, cloth sacks and brown paper bags.  I kid you not. I dug out one box and found this quilt.  It's called Morning Dove with a finished size of 19"x19" and the kit contains PRE-CUT shapes!! The funny thing is that the receipt was in the package along with some hand piecing that I had started.  It was purchased on March 1, 2002.  Yikes!  So you just know that I have a bunch more of stuff that's just begging to be finished.  2002???  I'm sooooo bad.

Would you believe that if I am missing a piece or lose a piece on this baby, I can contact the shop and they will "gladly send a replacement.?"  Ya think?  2002? Heh.  The quilt shop is at www.cottagequilting.com.  Not sure if they are still in business, I haven't looked yet.  Now, I must say, since it's a very small "quilt"  it really is wonderful that it's all pre-cut.  Yay, yay......

So now what I have to do is FINISH IT!!!!!!

Along with this finding, I unearthed another unfinished quilt (I'm ashamed to say).  I'll have to take a picture of this as well.  It's kinda big.  I haven't found the rest of it yet and when I do, I'll finish that.  Or, if I find another gem before finding it, I'll finish that.  Makes sense?  Heh!

Hope you are all enjoying your day, until next time..............

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