Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello to all :)

Recently I had a few orders for socks.  Usually, I'm way ahead of my socks during the year so that I would have an over flowing sock box by Christmas to give as gifts to family and friends.

The pattern I faithfully use is by called "The Sock Pattern to End All Sock Patterns."Sometimes to make it a little different I will incorporate a design.

The brown tone wool is called Cadenza of 80% super wash Merino wool and 20% Tussah silk with  size 1  double pointed needles.  I have enough of the raspberry color of the same blend that will be destined for another pair.

I managed to pick out another wool and will be working on this blue/green arrangement.  This is by Meilenweit which is 70% virgin wool, 23% polyamide and  7% Elite.  At first when I looked at the color I thought it was more bluish, but after knitting an inch or two it looks more greenish to me.  So, for the moment, I"ll be working on this.

Until next time......................

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