Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday, rain (we need it)

Well, I decided that today would be the day to learn how to tat - the dreaded, split chains, OMG!  I learned how to do split rings, but good golly, Miss Molly, and holy bat crap!  Splitting chains are un-be-lieve-able!  I tried all-day-long!                                                      

I downloaded numerous videos and  printable instructions, and it still hasn't made a dent in my left brain or for that (grey, what's left of it) matter, my right brain.  Did I tell you I have a slight handicap?  I'm a lefty.  

Most everything today is made for the right-handed person.  Think about it.....a stick shift in a car, a regular shift in the car for that matter, a toilet flusher, it's on the right, toilet paper?  How about those new fangled car keys that you press, and the key pops out, yep, definitely not for a lefty.  How about those horrid "right-handed" school desks, way back, ages ago: where were the left-handed ones, I ask you?  How about a sewing machine, the housing is on the RIGHT?   How about school binders, now spiral bounds are okay, you use them from the back, of course. Scissors?  I could never grasp the concept of left-handed scissors, so I never used them, but I can use the right-handed ones, that's about the only thing that's "right!" Think about zippers on your jeans, how about buttons?  I could go on and on. LOL

But of all the fun stuff that doesn't really include lefties, (but somewhere along the way, they have made concessions for the lefty), how about tatting?  Made for right-handers, in the beginning, so I learned to tat right handed, the same as crochet.  Go figure !

Do you think I should try something else?  Bowling?  Fishing? Ya think?

So the garbled mess below, some parts that took me all day to mess with,  is now added to my wanna-bee bowl and it's kinda stuffed to the top.  Tomorrow is another day and maybe I'll pick something easy to do or do the "right" thing and dump it!  Until then.....

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