Sunday, July 29, 2012

Much Better

Well, this is much better now :) What do you think?
Way better?

I'm almost done with the second round and just the 3rd round to go. was a FIRST!  My DH and I went to the post office and on the way home we saw a "roadrunner!!!"  He was really moving across the road and looked just like the roadrunner cartoon, unbelievable.  That was a treat!  I have yet to see a real, "live" armadillo on the road, but all of them are turned into road pizzas or they are usually on their back, and very dead. :(  Temperature on the car was 107's awfully hot out there.

So, a little more to do on this motif tonight and then I'll have to see about putting it together.  Anyone have any ideas?

Until next time .....

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