Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Little Train that Could!

I am persistent, for sure!  After a good night's sleep, I was ready to attack the problem of splitting a chain again and guess what?  I found that I really could do it! Yippie!

Granted, it's not terrific yet, my stitches are a bit primitive, but I have the method down okay.  I'll just have to keep practicing.  I 'd like to be a bit tighter, but that will come with practice, practice, practice.

So, for practice, I have my large shuttles that I like to use with larger thread (size 10 and +) as it fits a lot of thread really, really well.  These are sold at and are called "Starlit" and you should see what's going to be available, coming soon... new shuttles, they look fantastic.  I am drooling!

So, with a new concept in mind, I always wanted to make a doily by Linda S. Davies called "Rosette" and I couldn't do it because I needed to know how to split a ring, which is really easy now, AND split chains (OMG)......:)  so I started on a sample and I'm sure if you can magnify it once or twice you can see where my not so good split chain is.  But, that's okay!

Have a great evening.  Until next time .....

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