Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, to all :)

Yesterday really, really surprised me. I can knit and watch TV and I really got farther than I thought I would on my first sock.  Yea!

I've never worked with this brand of wool.  Curious that it's not as tight a twisted wool as I'm used to.  It's very soft to the touch and maybe I can finish this one today.  I guess it depends on what's on TV for the afternoon and evening.  Golf, of course.  Would like to fit in a few "Chillers" though. LOL

I have noticed throughout the skein there are differently spaced colors.  I couldn't see the green, but now you can tell that it has a subtle shading.  I really like it.  I  like to make the cuff a lot longer so that the owner can turn over the cuff or just leave it.  Once the cuff is completed, the heel goes really quickly.  Then the pickup stitches and decreased back to the original figures, it really goes faster.  Then the toe decreases.  Who knows, this pair of socks could be done in maybe 3 days.  I think I'm going to record the time to really see if I can do it.

Happy Sunday to all, until later.......

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