Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good afternoon to all!

It's another hot day today, hopefully it is a little cooler where you are.

Early this morning I finished carefully ripping the paper off my fabric.   You have to take your time with this and sometimes resort to tweezers to get out the smallest bits.  The last bit of preparation was to iron on a fusible backing.  I apologize for how dark the picture is, but it was kinda early this morning.

Okay, so then I finished gathering up all the things I could think of that might work with this palette.  Now everything is in my box, ready to go.  So this is what I plan on doing this evening. Don't you just want to jump in the box and play? LOL

Got all my rulers and especially my "Creative Stitchery Success Strips."  These are available from Robbie at  My tatted laces are predominately threads through Barbara at and soon they are going to be offering a size 3 weight Lizbeth thread and some really cute new shuttles and bobbins.  I love how the bobbins coordinate with the shuttles. I like the looks of them so much, I'd like to order one of each, but we'll see about that later.

Still working on my giraffe here and there and I have switched back and forth from 20 to 40 and with Lizbeth size 40 he's still a little big bigger than I would like him to be..... so AGAIN I'm going to put a hold on him.  It's not exactly what I had in mind.  Eventually, he'll shape up (I hope )!

So I've got some housework to do and tend to my flowers and maybe later on this evening I'll see how far I've gotten and send a picture.

Until then.................

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