Saturday, July 14, 2012


Good morning all :)

Today I began to gather all my crazy quilting supplies for the giraffe. LOL
I did start to redo my giraffe as you can see below early this morning.
I did change the pattern after his head.  I was working off of two different patterns of the same giraffe. So I really got confused.  Then I got the idea of just using double stitches and picots.  I'm ready to turn his first leg and a few split rings so, wish me luck :)

The next bit of fun this morning found me in my piles of fabrics.  I decided to go strictly with cottons by using Bali, Fossil Ferns, and others.

Max tried to help me with the fabrics, and had to mess with them first. LOL

After my giraffe is done, I'll be putting the crazy quilt fabrics together on my prepared paper- pieced square.  I selected all kinds of craziness.

And kept finding more to add.  I have no idea or plan, yet.
Ahhhhhh, eye candy!

But I've saved the best for last and it will most likely take up some time between reading and drooling.  I managed to find Carole Samples book!  It is just stunning.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll start to stitch.  I"ll have to see if I'm going to have some quiet time to enjoy.

Until then........

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