Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello to all :)

Friday was a very lazy day and too warm to be outside.  I tried my hand at needle tatting and still deciding what threads to use.  I tried "Thread Art's" perle (pearl) cotton 8, Valdani size 8, and DMC size 8.  I'm using the really fine tatting needle.

I really love the Valdani cottons to work with.  Haven't tried their silk yet.  It has a subtle sheen and feels wonderful weaving in and out about your fingers.  It's a little on the pricey side for only 75 yards per ball.  The color selection is dreamy, though.  I'd love to crochet myself a top with this, heavenly. (I hate to use it because it's too nice to use, lol)  Mostly variegated and hand over-dyed.

Thread Art has their own brand of cotton. ( ) This comes in spools and reasonably priced for all 40 colors.  Not too shabby.  It's twisted a little differently, close to DMC but you can see the difference.  (No variegated colors, that I know of yet)

DMC cotton has a definite twist and sheen, but a little on the thin side, compared to the other two.  Still it has a small selection of variegated colors.

My first reaction is that I would like to work exclusively with Valdani threads.  I would have to save up for a few balls.  One is not enough, and the more colors you have the better :)  Thread Art is what I have most of since I did buy all 40 colors and I'm looking into DMC and their variegated colors and their prices.

So, really playing today and experimenting with stitches and designs.  Who knows that will turn up!

Until the next time..............

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