Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Hot One

Hello readers :)

Today it's still hot out there.  Too hot to go anywhere.  So with that in mind, I managed to finish up my second sock so now it has a mate and it joined another pair in the sock box.  I really like using Yardley's Lavender soap and put a bar in with the socks to make them smell wonderful. I"m still not too enthusiastic about the wool because it didn't have a crisp finish.  I should have matched the shading, too, my bad.

Well, another pair is done and on to the third.  The pinkish sock wool is the same as the brown toned pair.  I still have to make up for lost time.

It's got a rather different color change that slants just like the brown tone.  Oh well, someone won't mind, they'll have a pair of socks. LOL

Hope everyone is staying cool, wherever they are.

Until then........

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