Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Hot One

Hello readers :)

Today it's still hot out there.  Too hot to go anywhere.  So with that in mind, I managed to finish up my second sock so now it has a mate and it joined another pair in the sock box.  I really like using Yardley's Lavender soap and put a bar in with the socks to make them smell wonderful. I"m still not too enthusiastic about the wool because it didn't have a crisp finish.  I should have matched the shading, too, my bad.

Well, another pair is done and on to the third.  The pinkish sock wool is the same as the brown toned pair.  I still have to make up for lost time.

It's got a rather different color change that slants just like the brown tone.  Oh well, someone won't mind, they'll have a pair of socks. LOL

Hope everyone is staying cool, wherever they are.

Until then........

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday

Good morning to all :)

Well, I'm at the last round and still mulling over what I'm going to do next.  I love how the little doily is turning out.  Again, the thread was perle 8 from www.threadart.com and the pattern is at www.be-stitched.com and it's the "Tatted Rice Bag."

Now ThreadArt has a sale going on so I picked up another batch of 40 colors.  Mmmmm.  Wonderful!

I'll have to decide soon how to tackle this and I almost think I should have added another round because it really looks small.  Don't know yet.  I'll use this piece as a test.

Well, happy Monday to all.  Until next time .............

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Much Better

Well, this is much better now :) What do you think?
Way better?

I'm almost done with the second round and just the 3rd round to go.

And....today was a FIRST!  My DH and I went to the post office and on the way home we saw a "roadrunner!!!"  He was really moving across the road and looked just like the roadrunner cartoon, unbelievable.  That was a treat!  I have yet to see a real, "live" armadillo on the road, but all of them are turned into road pizzas or they are usually on their back, and very dead. :(  Temperature on the car was 107 degrees....it's awfully hot out there.

So, a little more to do on this motif tonight and then I'll have to see about putting it together.  Anyone have any ideas?

Until next time .....


Oh well, back to finding something else to play with.  I just didn't like how the little yo-yos were turning out.  They really looked wonkey.

Sooooooooooo, I found a nice doily pattern at Be-Stitched called "Tatted Rice Bag."  I suppose if I think about it long enough I might like this....

Okay, so I'm using a perle size 8 which is sort of a raspberry color which can be found at www.threadart.com.  The more I work with it, the better I like it.  It really feels like silk and it's very smooth.

I selected a piece of fabric to coordinate with the thread color and I guess I'll try to finish this.  It doesn't take too long to do.  I thought instead of it being a rice bag I would substitute with a lavender potpourri and make a nice little sachet as a gift.

Until next time.....

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello to all.....Happy Saturday!

Not too sure if I can be sane while trying to tat chains.  Grrrrr

This morning I was trying to get my stitches nice and neat and learn how to tat "in a Celtic manner" which involves chains or rings or both.  If you go to www.pineywoodstatter.com, Rachel has the most beautiful work ever.  I'm trying to learn how to tat the Halloween ornament you will find on her website from last October.  I can get the first row around okay but I'm having trouble with the weaving.  So this is what I'm going to play with today after some housework (eh? - housework?) LOL  Maybe I'll get back here this afternoon or evening.

Until next time....

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello to all :)

Friday was a very lazy day and too warm to be outside.  I tried my hand at needle tatting and still deciding what threads to use.  I tried "Thread Art's" perle (pearl) cotton 8, Valdani size 8, and DMC size 8.  I'm using the really fine tatting needle.

I really love the Valdani cottons to work with.  Haven't tried their silk yet.  It has a subtle sheen and feels wonderful weaving in and out about your fingers.  It's a little on the pricey side for only 75 yards per ball.  The color selection is dreamy, though.  I'd love to crochet myself a top with this, heavenly. (I hate to use it because it's too nice to use, lol)  Mostly variegated and hand over-dyed.

Thread Art has their own brand of cotton. ( www.threadart.com ) This comes in spools and reasonably priced for all 40 colors.  Not too shabby.  It's twisted a little differently, close to DMC but you can see the difference.  (No variegated colors, that I know of yet)

DMC cotton has a definite twist and sheen, but a little on the thin side, compared to the other two.  Still it has a small selection of variegated colors.

My first reaction is that I would like to work exclusively with Valdani threads.  I would have to save up for a few balls.  One is not enough, and the more colors you have the better :)  Thread Art is what I have most of since I did buy all 40 colors and I'm looking into DMC and their variegated colors and their prices.

So, really playing today and experimenting with stitches and designs.  Who knows that will turn up!

Until the next time..............

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It Almost Happened

Hello, readers!

Well, I know that if I had stuck to the sock it would have been finished last night, however, I had errands to run yesterday and a schedule that was filled for today to do any sock knitting.  So I know I can do it in 3 days from beginning to end.  It would be a push,  phew!  But, now I know.

Normally, I would have tried to start the second sock with the right colored sequence but I didn't.  Oh well.  I don't think it matters because the shading is subtle.  I suppose if I was really finicky it would matter.  I"ll let it go this time.  :)

Until later...............

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, to all :)

Yesterday really, really surprised me. I can knit and watch TV and I really got farther than I thought I would on my first sock.  Yea!

I've never worked with this brand of wool.  Curious that it's not as tight a twisted wool as I'm used to.  It's very soft to the touch and maybe I can finish this one today.  I guess it depends on what's on TV for the afternoon and evening.  Golf, of course.  Would like to fit in a few "Chillers" though. LOL

I have noticed throughout the skein there are differently spaced colors.  I couldn't see the green, but now you can tell that it has a subtle shading.  I really like it.  I  like to make the cuff a lot longer so that the owner can turn over the cuff or just leave it.  Once the cuff is completed, the heel goes really quickly.  Then the pickup stitches and decreased back to the original figures, it really goes faster.  Then the toe decreases.  Who knows, this pair of socks could be done in maybe 3 days.  I think I'm going to record the time to really see if I can do it.

Happy Sunday to all, until later.......

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello to all :)

Recently I had a few orders for socks.  Usually, I'm way ahead of my socks during the year so that I would have an over flowing sock box by Christmas to give as gifts to family and friends.

The pattern I faithfully use is by www.knitspot.com called "The Sock Pattern to End All Sock Patterns."Sometimes to make it a little different I will incorporate a design.

The brown tone wool is called Cadenza of 80% super wash Merino wool and 20% Tussah silk with  size 1  double pointed needles.  I have enough of the raspberry color of the same blend that will be destined for another pair.

I managed to pick out another wool and will be working on this blue/green arrangement.  This is by Meilenweit which is 70% virgin wool, 23% polyamide and  7% Elite.  At first when I looked at the color I thought it was more bluish, but after knitting an inch or two it looks more greenish to me.  So, for the moment, I"ll be working on this.

Until next time......................

Friday, July 20, 2012

Work in Progress

Hello to all!

I've been working on my crazy quilt square and I'm taking my time.  So far I've put a few stitches in and thought I'd show you.

At first, I thought I would try a few stitches on my sewing machine.  However, it just didn't look right to me.  Trying to get that stitching out is just awful so I left it.  I'm thinking of covering them up.  Will see.

Until next time......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday

Hello to all.

Well, I began to add some embellishment and tried to work with ribbon. Hmmm,, having trouble with it.  I can really make a huge hole with the needle, and it's rather a big needle, but it takes extra effort in trying to pull the ribbon through and I'm afraid that I will tear the fabric.  Is there a trick to doing this?   So, I'll have to read up on how to use ribbon.

My second effort was to try the split chain, AGAIN!  It's not the best but I'll keep working on it.  I already ordered thread for this one from www.hhtatting.com, but I want to make sure I can climb out of the ring much better than I"m doing now. :)  The pattern I want to use is called "Rosette Doily," by Linda S. Davies 2011.

So back to the drawing board and until the next time....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good afternoon to all!

It's another hot day today, hopefully it is a little cooler where you are.

Early this morning I finished carefully ripping the paper off my fabric.   You have to take your time with this and sometimes resort to tweezers to get out the smallest bits.  The last bit of preparation was to iron on a fusible backing.  I apologize for how dark the picture is, but it was kinda early this morning.

Okay, so then I finished gathering up all the things I could think of that might work with this palette.  Now everything is in my box, ready to go.  So this is what I plan on doing this evening. Don't you just want to jump in the box and play? LOL

Got all my rulers and especially my "Creative Stitchery Success Strips."  These are available from Robbie at www.embroiderysuccess-strips.com.  My tatted laces are predominately threads through Barbara at www.hhtatting.com and soon they are going to be offering a size 3 weight Lizbeth thread and some really cute new shuttles and bobbins.  I love how the bobbins coordinate with the shuttles. I like the looks of them so much, I'd like to order one of each, but we'll see about that later.

Still working on my giraffe here and there and I have switched back and forth from 20 to 40 and with Lizbeth size 40 he's still a little big bigger than I would like him to be..... so AGAIN I'm going to put a hold on him.  It's not exactly what I had in mind.  Eventually, he'll shape up (I hope )!

So I've got some housework to do and tend to my flowers and maybe later on this evening I'll see how far I've gotten and send a picture.

Until then.................

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Good morning all :)

Today I began to gather all my crazy quilting supplies for the giraffe. LOL
I did start to redo my giraffe as you can see below early this morning.
I did change the pattern after his head.  I was working off of two different patterns of the same giraffe. So I really got confused.  Then I got the idea of just using double stitches and picots.  I'm ready to turn his first leg and a few split rings so, wish me luck :)

The next bit of fun this morning found me in my piles of fabrics.  I decided to go strictly with cottons by using Bali, Fossil Ferns, and others.

Max tried to help me with the fabrics, and had to mess with them first. LOL

After my giraffe is done, I'll be putting the crazy quilt fabrics together on my prepared paper- pieced square.  I selected all kinds of craziness.

And kept finding more to add.  I have no idea or plan, yet.
Ahhhhhh, eye candy!

But I've saved the best for last and it will most likely take up some time between reading and drooling.  I managed to find Carole Samples book!  It is just stunning.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll start to stitch.  I"ll have to see if I'm going to have some quiet time to enjoy.

Until then........

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

You bet.  It was REALLY Friday the 13th here.  LOL  Black cats, step on a crack.

The day started and I thought it would be uneventful, UNTIL we went shopping!  We tramped all over the mall, trying to find glasses and frames for DH.  It was such a treat. HA!  We walked one end to the other.  Finally, he found a deal and our transaction was completed.  THEN we couldn't find the car....you know how it is, a senior moment, we exited the wrong door and our car was on the other side of the mall!  Our feet were aching.  THEN we go pick up my pills at the pharmacy and find out that someone else is using our telephone number on MY account!!!  Another misfortune.  LOL!  I managed to get everything settled down and straightened out, thank goodness.

But when we got home the mailman made my day.  My book had arrived.  "Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches," by Carole Samples.  I was very, very impressed.  I would never in my life EVER think there were so many crazy quilting stitches!  Wow!  I have been looking for her rulers, but to no avail.  I really would like them.....but then, maybe I can make my own?

So, now I'll switch to working on my CQ for a bit.  The giraffe is on hold.  I have already changed the pattern to work for me, so I will reserve a spot on the quilt eventually to place him.  (I have to have him-it may take me to order a few more orange balls of Lizbeth thread from www.hhtatting.com.)

Until next time.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Giraffe

Okay readers, the dreaded giraffe.  LOL  You remember when I started this project? Hmmm it seems I still don't have it right, yet.

So, Mr. Giraffe, you are going to the land of beyond and join the wanna-bees.

So, back to the drawing board.  I really like the orange, since my CQ would benefit from the orange.  Go figure, I guess it's my choice, isn't it.

So, I'll start over again.  Will need to visit Jane Eborall's site for some more instructions.

Maybe I'll have him done tomorrow, ya think?

Until the next time.....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Little Train that Could!

I am persistent, for sure!  After a good night's sleep, I was ready to attack the problem of splitting a chain again and guess what?  I found that I really could do it! Yippie!

Granted, it's not terrific yet, my stitches are a bit primitive, but I have the method down okay.  I'll just have to keep practicing.  I 'd like to be a bit tighter, but that will come with practice, practice, practice.

So, for practice, I have my large shuttles that I like to use with larger thread (size 10 and +) as it fits a lot of thread really, really well.  These are sold at www.hhtatting.com and are called "Starlit" and you should see what's going to be available, coming soon... new shuttles, they look fantastic.  I am drooling!

So, with a new concept in mind, I always wanted to make a doily by Linda S. Davies called "Rosette" and I couldn't do it because I needed to know how to split a ring, which is really easy now, AND split chains (OMG)......:)  so I started on a sample and I'm sure if you can magnify it once or twice you can see where my not so good split chain is.  But, that's okay!

Have a great evening.  Until next time .....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday, rain (we need it)

Well, I decided that today would be the day to learn how to tat - the dreaded, split chains, OMG!  I learned how to do split rings, but good golly, Miss Molly, and holy bat crap!  Splitting chains are un-be-lieve-able!  I tried all-day-long!                                                      

I downloaded numerous videos and  printable instructions, and it still hasn't made a dent in my left brain or for that (grey, what's left of it) matter, my right brain.  Did I tell you I have a slight handicap?  I'm a lefty.  

Most everything today is made for the right-handed person.  Think about it.....a stick shift in a car, a regular shift in the car for that matter, a toilet flusher, it's on the right, toilet paper?  How about those new fangled car keys that you press, and the key pops out, yep, definitely not for a lefty.  How about those horrid "right-handed" school desks, way back, ages ago: where were the left-handed ones, I ask you?  How about a sewing machine, the housing is on the RIGHT?   How about school binders, now spiral bounds are okay, you use them from the back, of course. Scissors?  I could never grasp the concept of left-handed scissors, so I never used them, but I can use the right-handed ones, that's about the only thing that's "right!" Think about zippers on your jeans, how about buttons?  I could go on and on. LOL

But of all the fun stuff that doesn't really include lefties, (but somewhere along the way, they have made concessions for the lefty), how about tatting?  Made for right-handers, in the beginning, so I learned to tat right handed, the same as crochet.  Go figure !

Do you think I should try something else?  Bowling?  Fishing? Ya think?

So the garbled mess below, some parts that took me all day to mess with,  is now added to my wanna-bee bowl and it's kinda stuffed to the top.  Tomorrow is another day and maybe I'll pick something easy to do or do the "right" thing and dump it!  Until then.....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot, Hot,, Hot

It's really hot out today.  Phew

So for today I'm going to show you my giraffe.  I fiddled around with him and got confused and tried over and over again and could not get very far with two shuttles.
Then I switched from two shuttles to the smallest tatting needle and it's working!  I kind of had to make some parts up because of the "switch shuttles" instructions and a few other directions.  So he needs the rest of his butt.  I'll be the first one to agree, this is not the best, but I'm going to forgive my self and go on to finish him. I"m going to use him as a focus in a crazy quilt. The thread I'm using is a 40 weight of Lizbeth thread, color 695.

Hope you all have a great day and keep cool!
Until the next time .........................

Thursday, July 5, 2012

After the Fact

We had the most spectacular fireworks in our neighborhood.  Did you?  We brought up our lawn chairs and had the greatest seats in the house.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  Dang.  Well, everyone who was there with us really got a show!  Our church went way out into never never land or maybe it was God's hand,  for the fireworks.  They were just fabulous and it was a free show.  You can't find that often, now can you?  After they were finished DH and I watched the festivities from NYC and Washington, very impressive, if I must say so.

Today was a hot one, but not as hot as other states.  In Texas, we live in the heat, or try to, LOL  We really feel for those areas that are without power.  Our hearts go out to those people. We pray the power comes on soon for them.

Well, hopefully, I'll have something to show you tomorrow.

Until then:  "A bridge, a crutch, an easy chair-a true friend can be whatever sort of support you need at the moment."

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Awwwww, I lied!

LOL, I just couldn't do a thing until I put a CQ block together.  Fancy that.  So later after our festivities, I'll settle in my chair and watch some more fireworks on the tv.  Hmmmm, I have so many stitches to choose from and will use my "success-strips."  These are sold by Robbie at www.embroiderysuccess-strips.com at a very reasonable price.  The marking pen that was included is red.  It didn't show up on some fabrics when I tested it.  So I also bought a water-soluble blue marking pen.  Pretty soon, I'll dig in :)  Doing the happy dance!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all.

 Probably won't get too much done today...

Until the next time:  "What trusty treasure in the world can countervail a friend," Nicholas Grimald

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

Well, finally, I decided to finish the Halloween theme.  I don't think, at this point I am going to add more embellishments.  I'm ready to make a ruffle and an envelop pillow.

Next on my list was a CQ called "Post Cards from the Past."  I found this site when I was searching for crazy quilt information.  You can go to Janet R. Stauffacher at www.vintagevogue.com or her blogspot at www.nostalgicneedleart.blogspot.com.  She has a great site!

First, I downloaded what appealed to me and it was my very first cloth transfer.  After downloading, you need to let it dry.  I followed the instructions on the package.
The next step was to peel off the backing and soak the piece in room temperature for 10 minutes and then let dry. (It depends on the brand you buy and their instructions.)

I'm going to use this CQ square as my first piece.  Max will help me select the fabric.  I'm not sure what colors to use yet.  Hmmmmmm?  Any suggestions?

While I'm thinking about what kind of embellishments I'm going to add, I thought it would be a good idea to get some stitches to practice on.  So I found a couple of books and plan on making a sort of sample that I could try out the threads I want to use and learn some new stitches.

I also thought that by using 14 count waste canvas would keep my stitches a lot neater.  I got out most of my quilting tools/rulers and thought that these would be really handy as well as my "success" rulers.

Sorry for the flash.  This idea should keep me really busy for a while.

Until the next time: " Happy is the house that shelters a friend!" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well, ladies and gents, today I didn't do too much today except make some CQ squares with the centers already printed.  One of them is drying now. Tomorrow I"ll show you what I'm up to.

I'm still trying to locate some more templates that I'd like to have, besides my success rulers.  So, I'll post tomorrow to keep you updated.
I'm still trying to make this dang giraffe.
So let's try it again! YIKES!

Photo snag

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