Monday, June 25, 2012

While We Wait or "WIPS"

Honestly, I am trying to clean all my areas of messes and then got interested in several (old) new things that I could be doing when the spirit moves me.  As I go about, I am finding more and more things to play with.  YIKES

For instance, a very long time ago, I invested in Linda Franz's Diamonds and Diamonds 2 books and DVD, which is a spin off of the Dear Jane quilt.  Dear Jane quilt is all squares, and Linda designed her "Love and Friendship" quilt using diamonds and it is a delight to behold and to make using heirloom thread, and "hand" piecing - the whole quilt.  It's a wonderful concept.  So for your viewing pleasure while I am waiting for my new rulers to arrive I am showing a diamond in a Halloween theme (of course, LOL) but I missed one of the ends.  Sorry :(

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