Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Helper

Well, Max decided to enter my world of crazy quilting!  He's ready and willing to select some fabric.  The "paw" approach to color, whatever he picks, I"ll use.  Sounds good to me.  I'm going to have to find some animal fabric with some giraffes, eventually for the backing if I want to do a pillow and/or ruffle, shopping at Hancock's here we come!
I'm still kind of gathering everything together, but not there yet!  I"ll still have to pick out the threads to go with this crazy quilt and I'm not sure what size it should be.  Like I said, a pillow? or I may try to make an "animal" quilt using focus on the tatted animals and keep increasing the quilt to a crib or lap size with 10" squares.  I"m not really sure, but I'm happy to report that Max said he would help me decide!

I'm trying to attempt to tat this giraffe by Jane Eborall 2003 (I have to change off from one thing to another, because my hands start stiffening up).  I've started about 3 times but I"ll get the hang of it, eventually.  Originally, I was trying to use a perle 8 and after several attempts switched to Lizbeth size 40. (I thought a smaller size would work better with limited trims).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  But I really, really want to make this, so after I finish gathering all my stuff I"ll package it up to work on.  You can find this giraffe at It's worked with 2 shuttles copyrite Jane Eborall.

But the hit of the day was when the mail lady dropped off my RULERS!  Oh, my!  They are adorable.  You get 5 cute rulers/templates, a marking pen and an adorable booklet.  You can order this through Robbie at  Tomorrow I'll show you the rulers-can't wait to try them out and show you how I'm going to use these tools to finish up my Halloween crazy quilt pillow.

Until then.....happy crafting :)

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