Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The postman rang my bell :)

What a way to end a very hectic day. 

Today, I got some great stuff from "Flights of Fancy" and will show you what came. 

I received one ultimate bag of embellishments, one bag of fancies, snow blossom fibers, flowers, and such, a full page of pansy prints (cotton), fiber bobbins and one Orion's nest.  I am in heaven.  I had to open each bag and touch every piece.  So rich and luxurious and tried to show you everything but a few shots into it, I needed new batteries.  But, no matter, when I get going, you'll see what I'm up to.  I can't wait to play!

I just need my silks from Keepsake (your order takes them a while) and I'm on my way to an 8x8 inch pillow, using the previous lace I have shown to go around the pillow.


Like I said, I am still waiting for my silks and then I'll select some velvet and satin and begin.  I'm hoping to show how I'm doing this from beginning to end.  I'm very excited.  If you're interested in this you can contact and and and who all are wonderful to deal with and they have such wonderful selections.

Until next time.

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