Sunday, May 27, 2012

A nice mini vacation

Here it is, Sunday, and we watched the car races, some golf, and more car races.  Lunch was not out on the barbie, it was at Cheddars, very good....didn't have to cook.  DH was watching the races/golf and I was playing with an early anniversary present!  I am having such fun!  I was kind of afraid to put on the embroidery unit...but eventually, after I found out how it worked...I got braver! 

Let's go back.  I bought my first Bernina around 1970 so you know how old that one is... ,great machine but no embroidery cards, but I believe that it was the first programmable machine.  My DH then bought me a Viking Rose, this worked great and did wonderful embroidery.  Well, today, the embroidery unit now where did that leave me?  Ouch....A brand new Brother embroidery machine.  It's working beautifully.  Thank you, dear.  Guess, I'll go and play some more before I get going with my crazy quilting.....catch you later :)

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