Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bent and Twisted

Hello to all crafters. It appears that there are several of us who are experiencing technical difficulty that has not resolved. I did catch some informaiton on the forum to revert to the old blogger interface, which is what you see now. Hopefully I can use this format for a bit. It's difficult trying to blog, as you all know :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

A little glitz

I just started to embelish and I've gotten this far.  There's more to go.  Will keep you posted.

The weekend is almost over!

It's been relaxing, playing. with my new machine and preparing my "crazy quilted" ornaments.  So I'll let you have some eye candy and my comments.

First, however, I finished my little seahorse and thought that it came out cute.
I thought I'd make a couple of sizes.  This was made in Lizbeth thread size 20.  I may have to go to a 50 weight or there abouts.

The next couple of pictures I'm showing you are from  The directions were very straight forward and a lot of fun.
I have cut out the templates and positioned my silky in the frame.

I traced the design on my muslin.

You get the idea, right?

The directions were to cut the pieces of fabric  as in paper piecing, but I left it to give me a little better edge on the embelishments.

I have found that a really good lint roller really helps to pick up the snippets.

And then to the fun stuff..........

Now, all I have to do is select my embellishments, stitches either by hand or machine and . 

Hope you all had a wonderful day.  Catch you later :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A nice mini vacation

Here it is, Sunday, and we watched the car races, some golf, and more car races.  Lunch was not out on the barbie, it was at Cheddars, very good....didn't have to cook.  DH was watching the races/golf and I was playing with an early anniversary present!  I am having such fun!  I was kind of afraid to put on the embroidery unit...but eventually, after I found out how it worked...I got braver! 

Let's go back.  I bought my first Bernina around 1970 so you know how old that one is... ,great machine but no embroidery cards, but I believe that it was the first programmable machine.  My DH then bought me a Viking Rose, this worked great and did wonderful embroidery.  Well, today, the embroidery unit now where did that leave me?  Ouch....A brand new Brother embroidery machine.  It's working beautifully.  Thank you, dear.  Guess, I'll go and play some more before I get going with my crazy quilting.....catch you later :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!!
Get out your grill and have a wonderful juicy steak with a baked potato and some sweet corn....YUM!

So far this Saturday I have some eye candy to show you, and I honestly don't know what to work on first!  But I'm sure it will be enjoyable, in any case.

This selections are from  It's a wonderful place to shop.  I'm not sure what I'm going to make with this one.

The next selection I'm going to make Christmas ornaments for outbound gifts.  These should be fun to make as well.

The next selection will really be a lot of fun to make.  My sister likes Halloween even more than I do. :) So it will be a pleasure to make for her.  I'm not sure if I should make a pillow, a wall hanging or ?  Have any ideas?

And for the rest of the day, I'll be working on my tatted seahorse.  Just have to finish up with the tail and then block it.  I thought I would use this as a sea/beach theme, and a mermaid silky and coordinating trims and fabric, but that's subject to change!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and till the next time....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello, to all :)  Sunday found me just relaxing and crocheting up a storm.  I've already finished the back and headed to the fronts.  Maybe I"ll have it done by the weekend?

More to come!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The postman rang my bell :)

What a way to end a very hectic day. 

Today, I got some great stuff from "Flights of Fancy" and will show you what came. 

I received one ultimate bag of embellishments, one bag of fancies, snow blossom fibers, flowers, and such, a full page of pansy prints (cotton), fiber bobbins and one Orion's nest.  I am in heaven.  I had to open each bag and touch every piece.  So rich and luxurious and tried to show you everything but a few shots into it, I needed new batteries.  But, no matter, when I get going, you'll see what I'm up to.  I can't wait to play!

I just need my silks from Keepsake (your order takes them a while) and I'm on my way to an 8x8 inch pillow, using the previous lace I have shown to go around the pillow.


Like I said, I am still waiting for my silks and then I'll select some velvet and satin and begin.  I'm hoping to show how I'm doing this from beginning to end.  I'm very excited.  If you're interested in this you can contact and and and who all are wonderful to deal with and they have such wonderful selections.

Until next time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The postman commeth?

I have been waiting, and waiting, for some new supplies for my crazy quilts.  In the meantime, I have been working on some lace to use around an 8x8 pillow quilt.  I'm waiting for some embellishments and some silk threads from Keepsake.  I can't wait.  So the following picture is my lace pattern that I will probably make at least a yard, a little less, a little more, it will depend.

I can't wait for my "stuff" and in the meantime I give you my tatted lace.

It was a very slow day today, and I'm very tired.  This is one of the things that make me happy and keep me focused.

Happy crafting.  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Try, try, AGAIN

Hello to all.  I've been playing.  I had a brain block and just couldn't get anything going.  My first "Christmas" stocking....I chopped off the toe section and put that one aside.  The NEXT one is the one previously shown AND I didn't think it had any sizzle....sooooooooooo the NEXT one I'm going to show you is a stocking that I fussed with on Saturday for a long, long time.  The quilter side of me wanted to put the patches like for a normal (?) quilt...then after I was satisfied, I began to add stitches.  I haven't embroidered in a very long time, but after a few stockings I should be well on my way, don't you think?  Ah me.  So for your viewing pleasure and a few laughs, I am presenting my WIP!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Well, yesterday I had a notion to trim the Chrismas I did and trimmed the toe so close that it's not going to be usable.  Oh me.  Back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, a second batch of trims arrived the other day and I can't wait to play with them.

AND, the mail lady just delivered my books!  What fun!  You know what I'll be doing over the weekend.

Well, tomorrow I should have some exciting things to talk about!
Have a wonderful evening.  (I know I will :))

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