Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The postman always rings twice?

You bet he does!

This piece, I had to show you, how beautiful it is! Ahhhh. Her colors are wonderful. Her tatting is wonderful!   I'm sorry, but I don't remember the gal's name who sent this to me, but she's on www.intatters.com.  If you are a tatter, you really should subscribe to this site.  It's AMAZING!  The TATTERS are amazing!

This is the Burda butterfly doily that I am trying to do and she's working it in size 80 thread! OMG! Size 80?  Yikes!  I'm having trouble with size 10! (I don't want to get into trouble with copyrights, so if I am committing a crime here, someone tell me and I'll take it down!)

But the postman is coming! TWICE! (I'm so excited!)

I placed, yet ANOTHER order today, the other was over the weekend, and I must admit the www.hhtatting.com company and the wonderful, Ms. Barbara Foster, is the most impressive company that I have EVER, EVER, done business with!  Your order is delivered almost instantly.  Unreal! I have to keep ordering, this is my FIX, and I'm trying to experience EVERYTHING!  It's kind of an inspiration to me, especially the fast delivery, it makes my head spin because I have to keep re-ordering, and re-ordering to feed my habit! 

Don't you just love packages in the mail?  I had to bribe the mail lady every week or so ( a dozen doughnuts, homemade chocolate cream pie, Starbucks coffee, cookies, mmmmmmm), just so I get my posts! She'll get a tatted ornament again for the holidays.

Until next time, I'm waiting for the postman, LOL! 
Happy Tatting :)

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