Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Butterfly Round

Well, hello tatters and crafters.  I am slowly making my way with the butterfly round.  I have some twists and turns that I messed up, but it's okay!

Before I did anything I tried to decipher the pattern and wrote it in tatting language that I could understand.  It was rather complicated to me, but I think I've got it and it took a while.

The thread is from Size 10 Lizbeth color light mocha brown, however I ordered a bunch more of size 10 but in the color Spring Garden.  I have a "thing" for this color.  I'd like to make another one (must be crazy)!

Then after this is all said and done, for my next adventure I would like to begin with a small doily in size 10, then 20, and so forth.  I'm partial to the 10 and 20, it looks a bit daunting with a size 80!  Will be an experience, ya think?

Well folks, back to the drawing board.  Have a great weekend.

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