Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well, Max decided to soak up some sun this afternoon (he wouldn't wear his sun glasses or his hat) while Mom is busy with the "new" center for the Burda butterflies.  He just loves to cuddle.  And, guess what?  I did finish the center motif (the picture shows it almost done).  Surprisingly, it went rather fast.  It must have been because I've been making numerous centers.

So for your viewing pleasure, my picture for the center motif  shows that it's almost finished.  But it's done!

Ah, it kinda looks like a spider at rest, eh?  Talking about making split rings, when you tat split rings your hand is in a "dead spider" position to do the other side of the ring, so I guess it's appropriate.  I did notice that the motif looks white because of the sun, but it's not!  It's Lizbeth size 10 color light mocha brown, 690.

Now, I must put it away, get some dinner started, grab a shower and hit the bed.  Tomorrow will be another day and later in the day I"ll begin row 2!

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