Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little sunshine

We finally got some sunshine!  My camera works better in natural light, and maybe it's time to upgrade to a better one, hmm?

This is a Christmas ornament for this coming Christmas and it will come faster than last year!  I found the center decoration in Michaels in the junk section.  I wish I could have bought all they had, because they are really a good, sparkling accent.  The thread used, my favorite, is a size 10, Lizbeth color 671, and the design I chose is from Handy Hands booklet, "Embellishing with Edgings," edging number 7.  I opted to use the shuttle with this one. 

I really enjoy ordering from www.hhtatting.com because they are the fastest shop on earth to speed your order, you receive it practically over night.  WTG!  I keep trying to submit some color combinations and if they select them, you win 25 balls of thread!  I selected a combination that would have matched my decor.  I would love to make a tablemat center for my dining room table. (But I haven't been that lucky, LOL and maybe you will!)

Socks, yes, socks!  This is my be all, to end all. I really love making socks, next to tatting.  But then I always have other projects going at the same time.  This sock is made with www.knitspot.com pattern, "The Sock Pattern to End All Sock Patterns," and it basically makes between a 7 and 1/2 and 8 sized sock based on 56 stitches and size 2 double pointed needles (for me ).  Her site is wonderful.  I hope you will visit Anne and David.

I like to continue down the cuff with a 2x2 ribbing because when you reach the heel and continue to the toe, the ribbing seems to pull in the stitches and sit nicely on the top of the foot.  It's scrunchy!  The wool I am using here is called Cadenza, 80% superwash merino wool and 20% tussah silk....just yummy, by Estelle.  The color is 962 which is like a cafe mocha brown and light cream.  I like how it makes the stripes.  It's not too bold nor too weak.  These make up really quickly.  When I get a bunch of socks made I put them into a plastic container with a bar of lavendar soap. Oh, the smell when you open the box, the socks smell divine! 

For my third entry for today, I am working on a secret project for Christmas, but I'm not ready to show it yet.  I'll give you a hint, it's dark olive green....and I'm using hand dyed, yummy laceweight wool.  More to come on this.

I'd better get going and get dinner started.  Tonight will be stuffed peppers, with stuffing,tomatoes, fresh green peppers.  Add a baked potato with sour cream and YUM!

Catch you later, happy crafting! :)

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