Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burda butterfly pattern


Okay it is Sunday, already.  I have wanted to make a Burda tatted pattern for my table.  I 've been concentrating on how this is put together.  The original pattern was in German and the translation is not that good (at least, for me-they don't make sense so I am following the diagram).  Anyway, I have already gone through one of my best balls of Lizbeth thread size 10, stupid me, and then got smarter and switched to a lesser brand and continued on, just for practice. (I just ordered a few more balls, just in case.)  Bless - hours and hours of tatting, trying to put everything where it belongs and figuring out if I have to reverse the rows or not.   Rows 1-3 were okay, but the 4th starts a butterfly.  This just made me nuts!  However, I think I'm ready to begin the final version.

What you are looking at is the center motif on the left and the second row calls for split rings (this took me forever to learn how to do.)  I can do it, but I can't use my picot gauges to make the second side perfect.  Okay, I'll forgive myself and get on with it, right?   Let's get after it :)

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