Monday, December 31, 2012

O..M..G!!! You won't believe it.

Hello, dear readers!

I must be on a rampage for delicious confections, and whatever strikes my fancy.  
So, while I was searching for  Great English Tea confection ingredients, I came upon "How to make perfect McDonald's french fries" and it's now 8:30 pm here and I had russet potatoes, no peanut oil, just a regular oil and sea salt, he preferred a French salt, BUT I made them anyway!
I actually fixed this as a snack, it really went fast and they were gone in a flash!!!

They were out of this world!  And FRESH!  OMG

If you're curious about the recipe  (I changed a few things - did not let them sit for 2 hours, I needed them NOW!) you can find this on "'s-style-french-fries-at-home.html"

Zowwie, for sure!

Delicious, fresh made, unbelievable.....move over McDonald's!  I was very impressed.  Why not make fresh French fries ?  Who needs to go and buy them when you can have them FRESH?  Now, I ask you. It doesn't make any sense.  Fresh is much better and what a taste!

Well, happy New Year to everyone....
Don't drink and drive.....
Be safe.
Love to all and happy New Year!

The Aroma Will Make Your Speechless

Hello, dear readers :)

Well, I took the plunge.  However, due to the weather today, I opted to stay home, it's really nasty outside.  No wok, no popover pan, oh well, soon, maybe.  So with that in mind, I started to play with the chicken.  No, I didn't slap them around, because they were fresh,  and no, I really didn't follow a recipe.

This is a package of skinless chicken breasts which I have dipped in a sauce.  (Okay, I'm a butter freak, now you know.  A throwback from Julia Child, you can't have too much butter!)  The sauce consists of real live basil leaves, chopped.  I just love the smell and taste of basil. Add about a tablespoon of Parmesan Cheese, to enhance the taste.  One stick of butter, cracked pepper and salt, with a smidgen of garlic salt.  Put some of the sauce in the pan and heat, dip your chicken in the sauce and add to the pan.  It smells divine.

Since I've never tasted Shiitake mushrooms, I put about 6 or 7 of these mushrooms in a bowl with the remaining butter and they are now really enjoying their time spent in butter along with the spices, they are now mates.  
The combination of fresh basil and butter is out of this world.  OMG!  I can't emphasise this enough.  YUM

So, now the chicken is lavishing in it's butter sauce and the 'rooms are ready to jump in and join the party.  I'm going to have a simple mango relish to accompany the meal.  Add a cup of sushi rice to  the mix and, that's as good as it gets.

Until later....
Have a happy and safe New Year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions: An Asian/Thai Wokin' good English Tea

Hello, dear readers :)

Today, DH and I went to one of our local grocers.  It was interesting to see what they do and don't have there in the line of Asian/Thai food.  
It will take another trip to one, local "Asian" market that I've never been to, to get the rest of my ingredients.  
So, I'm trying to  "collect" as I go along.
Will have to go at my own pace and try a dish to see if DH and I like it and go from there.

I bought mangoes, chicken breasts,  shiitake mushrooms (which I have never tried), fresh, fragrant and "live"  basil, coconut for cooking, rice sticks and some skewers.  

Originally, I thought I would use the wooden sticks for skewers that would need to be soaked.  But, then to be much more practical I thought about using stainless steel skewers.  These appear not to be of a stainless steel quality, however, but I'm going to try them out anyway. 
I can probably find the real deal at Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow.

Besides my popover pan that I'm going to buy, I have been investigating woks.  I never knew there were so many to select from, what to look for, and their price range.  Some are 200$ plus!
What an eyeopener!

So what I have learned is that I should get a stainless steel wok with a lid, preferably already seasoned, along with a heavy bottom.  Hmmmm
I already have a bamboo, 3 tiered cooking basket, which I love to cook rice and a few veggies all at once,  and the food turns out really well.
Trying to learn to use this bamboo apparatus the hard way was really quite disappointing in the beginning.  I had some really nice fish fillets that I wanted to steam.  I put the fish in and submerged the bamboo into the bottom of the pan.  My first mistake and wasn't thinking.
Of course, the water started to boil, the water covered the fish, and the fish was reduced to mush.    The fish totally disappeared.
Stupid, old woman.  We had pizza that night.

Since I also just adore fresh herbs, I'm going to start growing them in my window, so I have them year round.  I have a couple of aerogrow contraptions, a fad at the time, but they also did well, but now I think that my southern window will do the trick. Instead of buying nutrients, seeds, and lights and such and having the lights on most of the time and a most annoying "hum" with the machine,
 just some pots, dirt, herbs and tender loving care, will do fine.   

So, for the New Year, I'm going to concentrate on cooking Thai, growing herbs, and playing with my wok. AND try to perfect my popovers.  LOL

Today, I'll be cooking a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding for dinner in a little bit.  Will let you know how it turns out.

Then, switching gears to learning how to make a proper English tea with sandwiches/confections for every afternoon.  Something I always wanted to do.

Now on the hunt for the perfect tea pot and rest of the dishware for cream and sugar containers and small dishes and recipes for scones, cherries in pinot nori wine, cranberry tarts, individual vanilla cheesecakes with lemon curd, water cress, etc., etc., are you drooling yet?
I sure am.

Until later....
Happy Crafting

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Move Over Chef Ramsay

Hello, dear readers :)

Chef Ramsay just about did me in.  
I had to watch all of his "Thai" food videos.  
So today found me looking all over the net for Thai food and the recipes.  
I got inspired and it's one area of "food" that we haven't tried yet.  
I'm still making out a grocery list of items I want to try.  
Another adventure.

Our grocery store(s) here are run by the "Brookshire Brothers", there are several located at strategic places all over the city  and they carry everything that you can imagine.  
We travel around a loop and all the stores that you can imagine are basically on the loop.  
Pretty cool.

So, after going pc shopping, looking at circulars and such, I came upon homemade, stuffed crabs.  I had purchased a  packaged of frozen, stuffed crab a while ago, but it didn't appeal to me then.  
So tonight was a real treat.  DH and I were very surprised!

Amazing :)  Don't they look wonderful?

I pre-basted them with real butter and cooked them at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.  
The thermometer was to reach 165 degrees.  
They were cooked perfectly and the stuffing was out of this world.  
I can see this dish as an appetizer when company comes.  
They were that good.

So the moral of the story is somewhat funky.  
Blame it on Chef Ramsay, looking for Thai food brought me to stuffed crabs and 
what am I going to try next?

Future recipe to try will be Thai green mango salad.  I'll have fun shopping for this next week.  
I've never tried it, but it sure sounds yummy.

However, I didn't get my popover pan yet, maybe tomorrow.  
And yes, these popovers are about the equivalent of  a Yorkshire pudding.  
So tomorrow I'm going to cook a roast of beef and make Yorkshire pudding on top of the juices.  
Thank you "CarpeDyem."  
Can't you just smell the aroma?

I'm having a foodie attack.  LOL

Hope all is well with everyone.
Until later......
Happy Crafting

Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Hunt

Hello, dear readers :)

A very happy holiday to everyone.  I've  recently been on the hunt for the perfect popover.  

When you see the mess I created, tonight,  the taste was there, but the height was not.  (Again)
Chef Gordon Ramsay would be very upset with me.  I like what he does, and think he's a brilliant chef, but he could do without the bad mouthing.  But that's him.
I perused Bed Bath and Beyond for popover pans. I've never known that there were special pans before.  I am using a regular large, muffin pan.  Maybe the design of the pans has a reason?  Maybe the cup size is smaller and higher and you can get them to raise much better?

Anyway, another batch, tonight,  but not with the height.  But they were wonderful, anyway.

So, tomorrow I'll be making a trip to the cooking store. Bed, Bath and Beyond is a store where I can do some serious damage.

The recipe for this confection can be used with a stuffing like crab meat, lobster,  or whatever your heart desires as a filling or when cooled and scooped out, as a dessert,  for vanilla pudding and chocolate sauce or  perhaps a French vanilla ice cream, too.  Yummy.  It's up to your imagination.
As an appetizer or as a dessert.

So for the recipe, it is as follows:

Ingredients:  2 eggs, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon salt.
Preheat oven to 450 degrees, grease and flour six ounce custard cups. 
(OR a popover pan, or muffin pan)

In a medium bowl beat eggs slightly.  Beat in flour, milk and salt until just smooth, being careful not to over beat.  (Maybe I over beat this batch?)  Fill custard cups 1/2 full.  Preheat the oven first at 450 degrees.

Bake 450 degrees for 20 minutes and decrease oven temperature to 350 degrees and bake for 20 minutes more.  Immediately remove from cups and serve.

It was helpful to pull up a chair and look at the "oven screen" to see how they managed to raise.  It was fun, actually.  I was cheering the popovers to get with it.  LOL

We have found that "lemon curd" is a wonderful spread for the popovers.  Use your imagination.

After I get my new pan, I'll see if they will make a decent sized popover.  
They are really mmmm, mmmmm, good.

So bring in the New Year and on with the perfect popover! (Forget the calories for this one.)
Until later.....
Happy Crafting

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays

Hello, readers!

We are wishing everyone a wonderful upcoming holiday.

It's time to take a break to do some baking and gifting.

Max wishes you a very special holiday.

Happy Tatting

Monday, December 17, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

Hello, dear readers :)

Remember the tablecloth I was working on?  I've been adding some rows here and there, but as I've been cleaning out stuff, I came upon Lizbeth threads  size 20, color 680 and 132.  
For some strange reason I'm very attracted to the combination.  (It makes me happy.)
So I decided that I would use this same tablecloth pattern but I also wanted to make the flower color stand out.  So I changed the pattern a little.  (I'm getting braver.)

I made one mistake with one of the "flowers" and didn't have enough petals for one of the rings.  
I forgave myself. LOL
I must say, it looks better in person.  

The chains are the original, 4ds, p, 2ds, p, 2ds, p, 4ds.  I converted the rings from 3ds, p, 3ds + 3ds, p, 3ds, to 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds, p, 1ds 
I think that it gives the "flowers" a little boost.

I'm also trying to get all my picots even.
So now I'm going to have two tablecloths, one for winter and one for spring.  Not too shabby.

Have a wonderful day today :)
Until next time....
Happy Tatting

Friday, December 14, 2012

So Very Sad

Hello, dear readers.

I have no pictures today.  Only sadness.

I'm sure you've been watching the news from Connecticut.
It makes me and DH so sad.
I can't believe the world today, nor the outrageous and senseless killing of innocent children and teachers, is appalling.
Words cannot express this whole tragedy.
We are saying prayers to those involved and those innocent little children who have gone.
This has been such a terrible year for senseless  happenings.
Say a prayer and hug your kids.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

Hello, dear readers :)

I have nothing to show today because we went shopping, trying to get things accomplished and we did!  WOW

I must say the last crunch is done.  DH and  I had a wonderful day.
First, we went to Olive Garden for a Christmas lunch.

I always order a salad and mussels and for the first time I had a mussel that had an ice crystal attached to it and it was rather cold.  This never happened before and I hardly ever complain. 
(I've been watching too many "Gordon Ramsay" shows. LOL)

But this time, unfortunately, I called the waitress over and explained. (I'll never do that again.) 
 I felt bad. 
 I just told her that this one mussel was kinda cold/with ice.  
She took it away and then the manager, of all things, came over to apologize.  
He wanted to know what he could do to make it right.

I said, nothing, just wanted to let you know.  
After this little incident, I became very embarrassed -I hate a scene.  Don't get me wrong, the mussels were delicious, as always.  One that was frozen and three that had not opened.  The manager wanted to send back the rest of the mussels and give me a new plate, but there was no way I could eat more.  (It would have been a waste.) 
Okay, no problem.
I'll know next time NOT to complain.

In the end, the manager took the price of my meal off the ticket and gave me a $10.00 certificate towards a return visit.  I really didn't want anything to happen.
I'm still embarrassed.

So, lesson learned today.
I will keep my mouth shut for sure.  
It was really nice of the manager, though, I must say.

Anyway, with our Christmas lunch over with we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and we had a ball.
We had a limit of money to spend for one gift and I bought so many weird things. 
(I would have actually liked myself) 
I'm going to create a basket of goodies for my stepson.  
So tomorrow will be all the wrapping and getting to the Post Office/UPS - whatever.

So, we're almost done as we speak.  I'll be glad when it's over.

Happy Holidays to all.

Until later........ (Maybe I'll have something to show!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Let the Count Down Begin

Hello, readers!
Christmas is almost upon us.  Can you believe it?

It's going to take me this whole week to finish off a bunch of socks and a tam, wrapped and mailed off.  
It's going to be busy, for sure.

I"m going to show you another sweater I found while going through my saved  projects.

This is another Patricia Roberts' sweater, "Alice" and made in cotton.  I was lucky finding all the cotton together.  To start with, there were 37 rows of ribbing, eeeek.

After looking at this piece, I think I may go down to a size 1 needle.  It feels too loose, not crisp.  But in any case, it will be the next knitting project after "Sugar Plum."  
I'd better get busy.

Hope your day will be a wonderful one.
Until later...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sugar Plum

Hello, readers!

I hope today finds you with great weather outside.

I've been working slowly, but steadily on this sweater.  It rather surprised me that after you do a front, the directions tell you to go on to work the back, then finish the other front. Normally, patterns I have found tell you to work the fronts first.  But, no matter.  So, I'm almost done with the back as you can see.

I think when I finish the back, I'm going to complete  the pockets to get rid of the stitch holders.  I have tried to weave in the ends  after so many rows, too .  I don't think I'd want to wait until all the stitching is done to finish this task.  Plus the threads don't get in my way.

When I start on the sleeves, I'll do them both at the same time.  BUT I'm not sure if I want the fruit on the sleeves or just plain knitting.

And you know what tomorrow brings......FOOTBALL!!!!!
Have a great weekend.
See ya Monday.....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bobbins, bobbins, bobbins

Good morning, readers!

The weather outside has been relatively warm and overcast.  
We had a little rain this am, but we really need more.

I've slowly been working on a few projects, one being the "Sugar Plum" sweater.  I didn't realize that I would use so many bobbins. LOL

I've got one more pair of socks to do, but I'm not going to push myself.  If I can't get them done in time, they'll be mailed later.
I think I"m going to try to get one side done today.  Will see how it goes.
Hope your day is going well.
Until later...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Here Comes the Weekend!

Hello, readers :)

Today I worked a little bit on my sweater.  I'm having a lot of fun making bobbles and experiencing "knitting quirks" as Patricia Roberts is known for.  I love how I have to slant the stems on the cherries.  Very ingenious,  to my way of thinking.
  Who knew? LOL

Anyway, there is NO football tonight.  Yay! So I get to choose what we see on the telly. 
I'm hoping for a few "chillers" maybe?

I may make some headway on this sweater tonight and finish the next band of grapes.  We will see.

Hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend.
Until Monday.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Round

Hello, readers :)

Today is another beautiful day.  A little on the cool side, but very welcome.
Yesterday I received my little picot sticks or gauges.  They are so darn cute.  They came in a little tin with a bobbin of really nice thread.

If you're interested in the picot gauges, you can contact  Her name is Ms. Georgia Seitz.  Great website also.
There's a lot of activity going on since she offers classes and they are really something.

I've added another round on my tablecloth.  It's not as large as a place mat yet, but I'm determined.

Until later......

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Beautiful Monday

Hello, readers!

Well, I worked a few more rows on the Sugar Plum sweater.

I'm now almost ready to work the stems of the grapes, or whatever they are called.  Then a repeat of this pattern for 30 rows to then divide for the fronts and backs.

It's a lot of fun working on this.
Keep in mind that I'm still working on the tatted tablecloth.  It's time consuming so I'm going to try to do a complete row each day, or whenever I need to tat.
Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Until later.....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sugar Plum

Hello, readers :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast?
I went nuts and made all kinds of dishes.  Thanksgiving leftovers are still wonderful.

I recently ordered some picot gauge sticks from and they are currently in route.  

Still working on the tatted tablecloth, but to break it up, I started going through some of my pattern books and found a  couple of vintage Patricia Roberts' patterns.

Do you recognize this one?

Of course, it's "Sugar Plum" found in her Second Book by Patricia Roberts.
I can tell you that I've never used 10 bobbins at a time.

Yesterday I scrounged around looking for my bobbins, but couldn't find any.  So I made a fast trip to Hobby Lobby and bought out what they had.  So now I have 40 little bobbins to play with.  As long as it remains neat and tidy, knitting goes really fast.  I'm not sure what I want to do with the sleeve treatment yet.  I may use a raglan, since I don't like the look of a "fitted" cap sleeve.

I must admit I'm having fun, and it's a nice little relief from cramping fingers from the shuttle for a bit.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Until later..............

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Hello, readers :)

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks for what you have.

But on the eve of this wondrous event, it's also a time to get your meal prepped for the next day.

Try to find some oysters for your oyster dressing, forget it.  
Every Thanksgiving I make oyster dressing.  
You know, with Saltine crackers and a can of oyster stew soup by Campbell's.  

Well, twist my lid, there was none to be found.

There are several Brookshire stores here and NO ONE had any oysters, dead or alive.  
They all sold out at 11:00 am this morning.  

Memo:  do not wait, start to get your stuff a month before. 
Or maybe find what I need on the Internet?

So with that in mind I found some smoked oysters packed in oil.  
I am hoping this will make it.  
Never had 'em in oil.  Smoked or otherwise.
So I tonight I'm going to get everything started so I won't have to do much tomorrow.

Memo:  Get a store bought pumpkin pie, it's saves a lot of time.
So for tomorrow's menu :
A dish of oyster dressing and regular stuffing, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce...
Need I say more? 
I'm getting hungry now.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until later......

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's a beautiful day today!

Hello, readers!

Here I am today with a little bit more of my tablecloth.  
What was I thinking?

I started off with 20 weight Lizbeth color 628.  I had a bit of waste with cutting off two rows and the end of a shuttle thread, but there's a little bit more left on the first ball.  But, when the cranberry bush color arrived, I just had to use it.  
I love these colors.

I'm sure that I"ll find this is going to take me a while.  It really went fast with the green center but I'm adding a progression of 6's and it's not cupping or waving.  Sooooo, I guess I'll work on this a while today.

Will keep you posted.
Until later....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Night

Hello, readers.

Sunday was kinda lazy, not much to do.  We enjoyed a pot of chili and homemade bread, dripping with butter.  It was delicious, to say the least.

My two balls of thread arrived on Saturday and I'm in the process of adding this to my tablecloth.  
So far, so good.  
Actually, the pattern is mindless, something I can pick up and don't have to refer to the pattern.  I may get bold and change up a row or two, but I've not made the decision yet.  
I"ll see how it goes.
So, no pxs tonight, am taking a break right now with MORE football games.  This time my teams were not winning.  Maybe my luck will change.

Okay, until tomorrow...will have a px of my tablecloth.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molley

Hello readers

Well, you'd never guess what I did.

Thanks to Judy for helping me out and realizing what I was doing WRONG.

In order to go around the doily, I was working a round and finishing with cut, tie and hide.

Then I was going around the next row by just selecting another spot. 

 BUT I was not watching what I was doing.

Judy said take a picture and cut and paste to find out the increments I'm going to need to make this into a tablecloth.  

When I compared this against the picture in the book, I should have kept all the 1st and 3rd picots lined up.

So I cut round 4 and 5 and am starting again.

It really didn't bother me to cut this off as I really would have been ticked if I was on say row 20. 

You know what I'm doing today.
Until later....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Hello readers.

Hope your day is going well.

I'm almost done with the purple hankie and I've started a doily that I would like to expand into a tablecloth.

The pattern is taken from "The Tatter's Treasure Chest,"  It can be found on page 66, entitled Lacy Medallion Luncheon Set.

I'm at the 5th round and trying to figure out the progression so I can enlarge it.  I'm using Lizbeth size 20 color 678.  I'm going to mix this with color 181 cranberry bush which are the exact colors of my home.

I'm not sure how much it's going to take yet.  Like in knitting you can figure out the yardage.  But tatting with thread, I'm not sure.  I'll be winging it.

So, now you know what I'll be up to for a while :)

Until later...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Football (again)

Hello readers.

Yesterday was a great mail day.  The packages came in the mail.  I love my new shuttles.  They're really smooth and I love to hear them click.

So I thought I'd jump right in with another pattern and try to expand it to a tablecloth.

But I'm having difficulty, so I have asked someone in my Intatters forum who would help me out.

We just had a tornado watch in effect and it's really gotten windy.  
Will keep you posted.

Until later.....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's in the MAIL, it's in the Mail

Hello, readers.

I've been busy.  
Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here and I'm gonna have to work faster to meet all my deadlines for my crafts. 
(One more sock to go)

With that in mind, I've been working on my lavender hankie with Lizbeth thread size 20 color 162, a perfect match that Handy Hands selected for me.
It's curious though, I must be doing something very different because the stitches appear to be very tight and more uniform.  Could be I'm progressing? LOL

Using the same tatted pattern because I've got it in my head.  I ditched the other one I showed you.

So, then I played with a pattern for a 5 inch baby doll. 
I thought it came out cute.  

I"ll have to make a couple more outfits for him/her and the clothes, along with the doll, will be going to our great grand daughter.  

She and I have become pen pals.  
She writes us a really cute letter and I respond with a little gift.  
She really goes for Barbie doll clothing.  
I've made a bunch already, so now I"ll make some more.

Drum roll....................................

I should be getting an order from Handy Hands.  She has the new shuttles in stock now.  I can hardly stand it.  I'll have to run down the mail truck.

The expert tatters, who gave these new shuttles a test drive, gave thumbs up. 
 I can't wait.

Of course, I had to order some more thread to go with the shuttles. LOL

I'll keep you posted.

Until later...

Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello, readers :)

I guess there comes a time when you have to say, enough is enough.  

DH and I can't wait until this election is over and done with.

We are so very tired of the name calling and terrible, awful ads.

And now a marathon in NYC?

People are STARVING and have NOTHING - no home, no clothing, their treasures gone....
What next?

(That's all I'm going to say.)

As of the writing of this blog, the marathon was called off!  
Thank God!

Okay, it's done - I'm calling it the "pink lady."  

This was shuttle tatted with Lizbeth thread size 20 color 621 which was a perfect choice for me.  

As I was working around the hankie I used a
Mark-Be-Gone (blue) washable pen to tick off where the pattern was needed.  Mostly, it was a join at 9 spaces and the last two were 8 spaces.  I don't think that this threw off the pattern.  I did notice though, at the last design, I forgot to join the last picot to the first. 

 (You can't really see my boo boo, but I know it's there and I'm not perfect. )

The pattern I used is edging 3 from the book, "Embellishing with Edgings-Needle and Shuttle Tatting" by Handy Hands.

Okay, once the tatting was completed I needed to get out the blue markings and gave the hankie a dunk in cold water and swished and then finger patted to keep the tatting looking good.  

Once I made sure that all the blue markings were out, I put it aside and later I will iron with a press cloth and hide the ends to finish it off.


The next one I'm going to work on, when I can figure it out how to shuttle join a chain, is pattern edging 12.  I really like the look of the little "flowers" and I'm stumped at the moment.  I did a little sample to show you.  I have a lavender hankie from Handy Hands, who were just wonderful in selecting the perfect, variegated, Lizbeth thread (size 20) color 162. 

 I love any shade of purple/lavender.  

They are just wonderful.

I ordered a really pretty, soft green hankie with variegated greens thread and a soft blue hankie with variegated blues thread.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

So, when I can figure out how to join this to the hankie, I'll work on this one.  
It can't be that hard, can it?  LOLOLOL

Have a wonderful evening!

Until later.....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting There :)

Hello, readers :)

Thursday finds me working on my pink hankie, I'm just about ready to turn the 4th corner.  Yay!

I'm hopeful that I can get this done and block it tomorrow.

There have been several projects I've still been working on.

Remember this sweater?

Well, I added some more to it, BUT after I completed the rust color, I added another pattern with red. Didn't like it much, so I ripped it back. 

 Back to the drawing board.

So, I"m off to finish the pink hankie.
Until later....

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Devastation - Sandy

Hello, readers :)

We have been glued to the news e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y  at all hours, with the devastation of the northeast, and parts west.  It is heart-wrenching, especially since I'm a born and raised New Yorker.  

What made this worse for us is that our grand daughter was in the middle of it all in Brooklyn, New York, 
 She attends college there, right smack in the middle,and the college took really good care of them. She has had no classes since this catastrophic event, which I'm sure all the students were happy about.  
I hope she's keeping a journal, as she was in the center of it all, at least in NY.
Family in upstate New York had high winds.  Thank goodness they're all okay.
Family in Wisconsin maybe getting snow.  We have to wait for weather updates.

Our hearts go out to New Jersey and the compassion of Governor Chris Christy.  It was another thing to watch him comfort his residents of New Jersey.  

Our hearts go out to all the other states that were hit.  

It's unbelievable.

So, with this in mind on this Halloween day, 2012 I haven't really done much of anything. 
 Maybe tomorrow I'll have something put together.  
I did get a really cool package from www.hhtatting today. 
That put a smile on my face.

Until later....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Sunday and of course....


Hello, dear Readers.

I have no pictures to post today.  I'm still working on the pink hankie.  I'm almost at my 3rd corner.  It's slow going, but that's okay.

I just ordered a few more hankies from and asked them to select a really good variegated match for each of them...So will have to wait a bit with these.

Yesterday I played around with my sewing machine and tried to learn how to use a rolled hemming foot.  It worked fine, after I fiddled around a bit, 
THOUGHT that I would like to use the batik fabric. 


After I turned the hem, and could NOT get the corners perfect, I tried to use a size 12 crochet hook to pierce the fabric.  

WRONG  !!!!!!

I should have known that batik is a very strong piece of fabric.  So that being said, I"ll have to figure out something else. 

Later, much later, LOL

We are watching this Frankenstorm or Monster Mash as the TV stated.  Our friends and relatives are in the path and we are saying a prayer that everyone will be okay.

Until later....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Around the Corner

Hello, readers :)

It's Thursday already and I"m still at it.  You guessed it, tatting.

I've managed to make two corners but it's slow going, but that's okay.

It might take me another day to finish it, then on to blocking the edging and steam pressing.

So, remember that I was talking about rolling my own hankie?  

Well I have my sewing machine foot now and found a piece of batik that appealed to me.  So when the above hankie is done, I'm going to attempt to roll the edging on this baby.

I'm not sure what color I'll settle on for the lace.  This one is like a deep rose, but maybe I'd be better off with an ecru?  

What do you think?  

Match the color or contrast it?  The edging that you see below is one of my favorite.  I like trefoils.  But maybe it needs something a little more lacy?

I seem to be hitting on romance colors, and to me the mauve, greens and creams (even a pale yellow) look really nice, but that's just my opinion.

I am still WAITING and WAITING for Handy Hands to release her new shuttles. 

I can't stand it!
Maybe I can pre-order?  I'll have to check.

Fox News has shown us the weather that's coming up. " Frankenstorm" and "Monster Mash" for hurricane Sandy,  and this just cracked me up, LOL I loved it. 

Maybe we should take notice and go get provisions and get ready to hunker down.

You know what I'll be doing LOL

Until later.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a Wonderful Tuesday

Hello, readers :)

It's really a pretty day outside, but it's WARM, WARM, WARM.

We had a taste of cooler weather previously, but that is not what it's to be today.  Friday should bring some rain which we really need.

Pretty soon, though we'll be enjoying fall. ( I hope )

Would you believe that I still have a bunch of tomatoes on the vine that are getting bigger and better and the plant is over producing!

I worked a little on my Alice Starmore sweater, yesterday, in between the campaign news and debate.

  I keep finding more colors to add and I'll probably use them as I really get going.  I'm  already thinking about a second sweater. 

 But I'll have to see how fast I can knit this one first and what color selections I can use and have available.

When I work on a sweater that has so many color changes and patterns, I make a sort of shorthand to each row.  I take the time in the beginning to mark stitches.  For example, to knit a design, I would write down, 3 -2-1 to tell me 3 brown 2 white 1 brown and repeat (working with two colors). 

 Knitting really goes fast when you use this method.  I'm sure you knitters out there have your own quirks as to how to do a pattern, and this is mine.

And, here is progress on DH's afghan.  I have always been captivated by the crochet ripple pattern.  It's old and timeless, looks neat and crisp.  You can add and change colors at will and it probably wouldn't make too much difference at all.  I had several skeins (quite a few, actually  LOL) of "Super Savers" so I hauled out what I thought was ALL the washable knitting worsted.  With that being the case, I had to organize what I had to make a pleasing colorway. 

 I don't think it's too shabby, do you?

DH wants it extra large so he and his dog can relax in HIS chair with THEIR  " woobie. " LOL

Today we were going to have lunch at Applebee's but when we arrived there, it didn't look open.  There was a gal in Applebee's dress who approached our car and said that they were closed today because of management issues. Hmmm.  We got a $5.00 rebate card whenever we decided to come back.  However, the card's expiration date was for 2011.  We thought that was kind of hilarious.

Since Olive Garden was next door, that's where we headed.

While dining, we noticed that Olive Garden was really filling up, quickly!  The talk of the diners was that they also went to Applebee's and found that it was in such a state, so they came to Olive Garden.  They were really, really packed.  
They must have really been pleased at doing a stellar business lunch today.  

However, the salad was very, very skimpy and the dressing seemed to be missing.  Heh, go figure.  I had mussels which were ( so, so ) okay and DH had soup.  The soup was okay.  It felt like there was a rush on Olive Garden today and they really out did themselves in terms of customers.  Maybe they skimped on the salads because there was such a people crunch that they couldn't have imagined?  

We've never really had a bad meal there, except for one New Year's Eve.  They must have anticipated a good crowd that evening, but we had an ice/snow storm that kept a lot of people off the road.  Dumb as it was, we were not that far from Olive Garden, and that evening, it was really the worse meal we ever had.  I can tell you it was horrible.

 They have to thank Applebee's for their tremendous business today.

So with lunch out of the way, have to do some laundry and then settle down with one of my projects for the rest of the day.  DH decided to take a nap.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.
Until later...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Motto for Today is Never Give Up

Hello readers :)

Yup, it's another football day, but

early this morning, after about 4 good, strong cups of coffee, I tackled what has been a real problem for me in the world of tatting.

Attaching an edging as you go! 
I went online to see if there was a video that could help me.  I found Frivole's site and she had pictures of her attaching an edging, but I just couldn't get the hang of it.

Believe me, I tried.

If you remember a few posts back, I started the hankie with the upside down basket and because I couldn't figure out how to attach the tatting then, I used needle tatting.

Now,don't get me wrong, I really enjoy needle tatting for some things, but I had it in my head to use a shuttle for this project.  I like this method as well.

SO.......I started out by using the number 3 pattern as before and used my scraggly, mangled, hankie to  experiment with.

And, do you know, I finally GOT IT - Yippee )

Okay, so I found one pink hankie from and matched it with Lizbeth size 20 thread color 621.  Perfect match.

I"m taking my time, too.

When this pink one gets done, I'm going to venture out to a much larger piece.  I found this cute paisley pattern in black and white and selected a charcoal black, Lizbeth size 40 weight.

But, first things first, right?

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Until next time...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hello, readers :)

Well, today is one of those perfect weather days.  DH is out mowing the lawn, while I play with another project.
I've said it before, that I get those days where nothing works.  So it was today :)
I tried several different tatting projects to work on and nothing got going.

However, the other day I started ANOTHER project, hopefully, along with my socks, will be a Christmas present for one of my kids.  BUT that means that ALL of them will want a sweater.  So 4 sweaters it will be.

I've rummaged through all my stashes and came up with some Hanne Falkenberg wool that would work.  
Got the gauge and I changed the pattern up some and away I went.

Now, don't get all squeamish on me.....This is an Alice Starmore pattern and done in the round.  

I have used a steek that is designated by the rings.  
When done, you CUT it up the middle.  
With scissors, and then use the SEWING MACHINE?  "GULP"

I have no idea what to do when I reach the underarms, because I have to ADD TWO MORE steeks.  That should be a blast, right? Oy

We will see how it goes.  But in any case, knitting in the round has it's advantages because you don't have to purl.  I'm not sure which I would like better - pieces or in the round.

I'll see how far I get with it.  I may call on Frivole to cut it apart for me. :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Until next time....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Hello, readers.

Well, I tried.  
I managed to take my time and got one corner done and started down the other side.  


Can you tell?

Do I finish it?

I didn't bother to check to see if the others were "seconds?"  
The basket is not FACING the corner, it's facing the center!!!!!


I'm going to put this on hold until I figure out if I"m going to finish it or not.  

This was kinda disappointing.

Until later...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Turning the Corner

Hello, readers :)

It's another gorgeous day outside.  
I might take my tatting outside to enjoy the day. 
 I worked on my edging yesterday and reached the dreaded corner.  
I have my fingers crossed.  
It looks promising though.....
Until later...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football of Course

Hello, readers :)

Well, you know today is football but...

This weekend I've been playing with another edging, trying to decide what weight of thread I wanted to use and the color.  This edging is from and it's from the book, "Embellishing with Edgings, Needle and Shuttle Tatting" by Barbara Foster.  
This is pattern edging three.

The thread is by "ThreadArt" perle cotton size 8.

I'm going to have to figure out the spacing and the (dreaded) corner.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday.
Until later...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Thursday

Hello readers :)

I had some fun, snipping, clipping and tatting all over again. It was tough to pick out the remains. 

I like this edging much better.  I think that because the hankie is so busy, it called for a solid color.  Have to remember this for the next one.  (Thanks, Michelle)

I used perle cotton size 8.

The stitch I used was 8-8 and attach.  I'm wondering if I should do another row of something?  I'm still having issues with corners.  (I wasn't paying attention, heh)  

Now, all it needs is a nice pressing.  

Until later.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little Pain - A Little Gain

Hello readers :)

After a  very frustrating day, yesterday, I went down another avenue.  I had a notion of the following:  

1.  What could I do to a piece of fabric to make a hankie? (I know, I"ll mangle it to death.)
2.  How about embroidery?
3.  Finish with a tatted lace?

Okay..... I am also an avid quilter, I have bunches of fabric.  And to my hoarding shame, I buy bolts instead of yards. Yep! LOL

Okay....What about cutting a square of fabric (my choice of inches) and roll the hem.  I tried this today and wasn't satisfied with how the hemming looked.  So.....I need to buy a rolled hem foot.  Hopefully, I can pick one up at my friendly Bernina/Husquvarna - Rose/Brother dealer(s).  Whatever I can get - and quick!  
I will learn how to make a rolled hem, I've never done it on the machine at all, so this will be a first. 

With that all said and done, I then thought that I could decorate my own hankie with a plain design, or a seasonal design, like for Christmas.  Okay......

I played around with the embroidery component of my machine and came up with a butterfly which was already built in.  I used a plain motif to start with and it came out okay.  Except on the left upper wing, facing you, my needle decided to pop out and hang there, but I managed to get it back in.  OMG!  That was scary.   

I'm going to have to  measure and mark the corner of the hankie so this will take a bit of maneuvering.  But, it shouldn't be a problem.  (I hope)

Okay, I've selected my butterfly and need to roll the hem and then I can tat an edging.  I'm not sure what color butterfly I want to use, so whatever color I choose l can coordinate the tatting color lace.

I know that I can make a square fabric, need to roll the hem, then embroider the butterfly and add the tatting.  We will see what happens.  I'll give it a go.

Until later.....pouring over tatted edgings for this one.  Maybe I can find a small butterfly edging?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, Drat

Hello readers!

Well, I got a little more of the edging done and attempted to stitch it onto the hankie.  I kept looking at it and decided that I don't like it at all.  Is the tatting too big?  The pattern?  The color? The scalloping?  What?
I know that it's not even when I attached the edging.   I'll have to think about this overnight. I may snip it off in the morning.  Any suggestions?

Another football game tonight....I guess I'll work on my sock.  

Until later..................

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh, I had a request

Hello readers!

An addendum to the day.

One of my biggest passions since "sliced bread" is knitting socks (among other things, but this would be first on my bucket list, you didn't know that, did you?)  So at every off chance I get, I knit socks.  It's plain and simple.   I'm a closet, sock knitter, I"m obsessed    I use a plain and simple design.    No muss no fuss.  Do the math.  Cast on 56 - divide- heel stitches - pick up the stitches and go like hell.   I love a cuff with a rib that shapes the leg and likes it to extend to the toe.  It looks elegant, wears well, and doesn't slip down on you.  

So I had another request!

Since I make socks for Christmas gifts (among other things),  I have to start right after Christmas.   But change off when I get tired of something, like tatting?  Who knew?

I knit socks, socks, socks.  My kids want socks!!!! DH doesn't have a pair yet, but I have one done.  His foot is so big, it's a little daunting. LOLOL  Throw away the socks and let him wear the boxes they came in. It would be kinda neat to see that. LOL

The top two socks, have silk intertwined with wool, and nylon, the charcoal socks, have a blend that really feels wonderful to the touch, a little cashmere and the blue socks on the bottom are really different.  I can't describe the feel, really well, but they are soft, soft, soft.  Most all of my socks are wool with nylon/blend to retain their shape, but at times, I like to see a little extra punch.  So I've tried various brands and really don't have a favorite, they're all wonderful.  As long as they aren't 100% wool.  There is no snap or give with that.

Okay, Arllys, you can have your pick, OR we can go with a color that YOU want!  I'll repair the purple sock.

Until tomorrow.....I think I need to finish the black sock, quick,  LOL. Just in case.  I did test out the sock knitting the other day.  Using this pattern, I can knit a pair, two of them,  in  3's pushing it a bit, but I can do it.  (No housework allowed, of course, or cooking!)

Until tomorrow.....? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  
Get out the Bengay!

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