Saturday, July 14, 2018

Photo snag

Well?  So here we are.  
I have still yet to learn how to we transfer the picture files.  
Hope you are all enjoying the summer!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oh, my aching back!

Okay, hello all!

Another chapter to tell.  Ha, ha!
 So with the ongoing back pain.
I'm looking at spinal surgery.

I would rather not have this done, but I don't think that's possible.

I am trying to get my picks to work.  Some do and some don't.
Oh, me I guess I can't worry about it.

I was going to knit socks and this is holding me up.

I'll keep trying.  LOL
Happy knitting. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A socking we will go!

Hello out there!  Well I finally figured out how to work the picture ( I think) program.  Working with a new computer I'm hoping it will get better?  Who knows. LOL  I don't think I've saved some of their wrappers, must remember to do !

Back to  making some popovers for the day!
Dripping with butter :)  These came out really good.  Now off to find the recipe for them!!

Still have one sock to go for another pair!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Disaster LOL

Okay, did buy another computer when I spilled a coke on my wonderful laptop! 

So I went to Best Buy for a new one.  WRONG!!!  Picked up an all-in-one pc, okay.  Got it home and got it all set and it was miss behaving. No juice. I called my carrier technician and he made a house call.  Unfortunately for me  it was running and there was no problem on there. 

However he said that the card inside the pc was messed up. New!!!! Unreal!!! 

Okay!!! However Best Buy would not take it back.  Believe it? 

So I needed another pc.  Started looking and found a Dell pc.  It went together well.  I even had access to Office 365 through Office Depot.  This is the only problem I've experienced trying to make the link work.  No  one has helped me yet.  Just open the link!!!  Is there a problem with something so easy?????

I have a bunch of px on my camera that I haven't figured out how to get them here. 
So sorry :(

Will try again  tomorrow.!!!!  Happy Wednesday :)

(I want to get back to my crafting)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April Fools

Hello everyone.  It's been quite a while since I've posted.  After my fall I was out of commission almost two months.  I'm still in pain, so I'm going slow.  I'll never be the same. LOL

So I have a couple of pxs to show but I also had to get a new computer.  What a dickens of a time.  I'm still trying to figure out everything.  It makes me nuts.  I played with this new one for 3 days.  Lost my adobe can't get my files out for it on the old one.  I guess eventually I'll figure it out.  Ready to work on the previous socks at this time.  No promises but should keep knitting Christmas is right around the corner. LOL

Talk to you later.....

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Eating out sucks

Getting ready to start another pair of socks.  My new double pointed needles I'm in test mode.

I finally found the pattern or I should say I'm hoping that this is pattern for my daughter's socks.

Thought I would cast on and go from there but I'm too tired tonight to get into gear. 

I'm so stressed today when we went to the Golden Corral.  Golden Corral was in one of the little strip malls and they closed and reopened itself between Outback and Applebee's and Olive Garden.  So at least you had a nice choice.
However, when we arrived, there were a couple of spaces for the car and there was no line out the door.  We should have been warned. LOL
Inside was a circus act.  The noise was  unbelievable.  People were going all over.  We followed the guy who would seat us and then we went to the food bar.  It looked nasty - it tasted nasty, I could hardly eat it.  My brother told me that kids who eat there go to the food bar and they try something to eat and if they don't like it they throw it back.  Nice huh?
We won't be eating there again.

We have been trying to eat at different places.  So far there is one place for Mexican food that we liked.  This place for the buffet forget it.  Olive Garden just order a salad and the bread sticks.  Maybe a cup of soup?  (If it's still on the menu)

Oh well, another day!

We'll try a few more.  Moral of the story - EAT AT HOME!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Missing in action LOL

Hello all!!!  Just received a new set of sock needles- pxs tomorrow - oh so sweet!  I make my kids a box of socks for Christmas.  I would love to find 4 or 5 wooden sock boxes that would hold a few socks. 

These are her favorite socks (of course) LOL  I have no clue where I have gone with the pattern.  Anyone give me some help???  (I have tons of paper patterns and books for socks - still haven't found it, yet LOL)

Help, help, help!

Photo snag

Well?  So here we are.   I have still yet to learn how to we transfer the picture files.   UGH UGH UGH Hope you are all enjoying th...